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Here is another type of ad, Google Display Ads, you need to create a responsive impression. You are unable to target the audience you exactly wanted. Also, you need to get the traffic you planned to benefit your website. Don’t worry; as we told you earlier, we are here to help you with your issues.


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Google display ads are also known as graphic advertising on google display networks like websites and apps using banners. These ads are used to convey a small message about your brand to visitors on websites.
These ads are quite helpful as they allow you to convey your brand message to the visitors while they are exploring their favorite sites, a YouTube video, or any mobile app.

What’ll you get?
I.Setting Up the Account | II.Audience Research
III.Ad Version Creation | IV.Size Variation
V.Keywords | VI.Placements
VII.Geotargeting | VIII.Bidding

Google AdWords is just becoming a compulsory part of your business for getting higher reach as it has the potential to bring up more than 80% of the internet population. It gives you a low cost per click when you run a display campaign and gives you a chance to develop yourself as the best in your business.
It’s the fact that google displays are lower in cost, but it can only be effective if you target the right audience through the right channels. We at SMAG Technologies make sure to get that all done effectively and give your business a chance to bring more leads and conversions and make more sales.

Popular Choice


$80/ month

For individual developers and freelancers

  • 50 Products
  • Google Shopping Campaign Setup

Popular Choice


$180/ month

Simple SaaS app management for small business

  • 50 Products
  • One Time Campaign Optimization
  • Product Optimization
  • Data Feed in GMC

Popular Choice


$200/ month

For simple to medium sized SaaS agencies

  • 50 Products
  • Monthly Management and Optimization
  • Data Feed Management


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